Dr Andy Dunn, Chartered Clinical Psychologist, York. © 2019

I believe that we are a product of our experience, and that when we understand where our difficulties arise from we have the power to change them. I feel privileged to have a role as a clinical psychologist where I can help people to understand how difficulties have developed and support them to see a way forward. In my way of working I prioritise developing a strong therapeutic relationship. I endeavour to provide a safe environment where you can feel comfortable to talk about your experience, and my approach is warm, compassionate, honest and authentic. I use a range of evidence based models of psychological therapy to enable us to understand and formulate this experience, and we then decide together which psychotherapy approaches best meet your needs. These psychological approaches are outlined below.

Psychological therapies available 

Third Wave CBT Therapies

Third wave cognitive therapies extend traditional CBT by the focusing on the process of thoughts and how we relate to them rather than simply the content of thoughts. They also introduce the concepts of self-care and self-acceptance.Third wave cognitive therapies include:

  • Mindfulness based therapy

  • Compassion focused therapy

  • Acceptance and commitment therapy​

See next section for more information on each of these psychological therapies.